Google's new Chromecast TV dongle shows up early on Reddit

Chromecast Ultra
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If you absolutely cannot wait until this coming Wednesday to see Google's next Chromecast, you can get a sneak preview of what's in store courtesy of one Redditor who has got hold of the new dongle in advance.

In a series of threads, Reddit user u/fuzztub07 shows off the design of the device together with the interface that shows up on the connected TV. It's fair to say this looks like a polished piece of kit.

There wasn't actually much left to reveal about the dongle, which has already shown up in a variety of leaks, though it's difficult to know how to describe it: yes it's a Chromecast, but unlike existing Chromecasts it also comes with its own remote and Android TV on board.

Or rather, it comes with Google TV on board, which is what we're expecting Android TV to be rebranded as very soon. The official name of the product, according to the rumor mill, is "Google Chromecast with Google TV".

Google Chromecast with Google TV leak

(Image credit: u/fuzztub07 / Reddit)

Other leaks that have come to our attention so far suggest the dongle will cost just under $50 in the US – that's £39 / AU$71 with a straight currency conversion, though a better way to think about it would be to say it's cheaper than the current Chromecast Ultra.

With multiple leaks showing off the design of the dongle, it seems clear that this is going to be Google's flagship home entertainment device for the foreseeable future, though the cheaper basic Chromecast may well stick around as a more affordable option.

Further Reddit posts suggest the device is running Android 10 out of the box and comes with 8GB of storage on board, so you won't be able to store a huge amount of movies and music on here. There are also shots of the revamped Google TV software design.

All is going to be revealed this coming Wednesday, when we're also expecting an appearance from the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G, and maybe a new smart speaker too – these products have also leaked extensively in the last few days.

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