Google's Chromecast with Android TV dongle appears in another leak

Chromecast Ultra
(Image credit: Google)

Google is holding a hardware launch event on September 30, and alongside the Pixel 5 we're expecting to see a Chromecast-style device – and now a newly leaked image gives us a better idea of what to expect.

There are no major revelations in the pictures posted by WinFuture, but they confirm a lot of the previous leaks we've seen, and show that the upcoming dongle is set to be a relatively compact device (and available in white).

You can see the separate remote that we've glimpsed before, as well as the pill-like shape that showed up in earlier renders. It'll connect to your TV via HDMI, and is going to be powered through a USB-C port.

What we seem to be looking at, based on everything we've heard so far, is a Chromecast with Android TV on board. At the time of the launch, Android TV may well be renamed to Google TV (which was in fact its original name).

By fusing a Chromecast and an Android TV device together, the new dongle will be able to stream content as directed by your phone and laptop, and run apps like Netflix and Plex itself, so you've got plenty of flexibility.

The name for the device, we've heard, is going to be Google Chromecast with Google TV – it's not the snappiest moniker out there, but it does at least describe what the hardware is going to offer entertainment fans.

It's apparently had the codename Sabrina inside Google, and the smart streaming dongle is being tipped to come with support for 4K, 60 fps output, HDR, and Dolby Vision, so it looks as though it ticks a lot of the necessary boxes.

There's been talk that it'll also support the latest HDMI 2.1 standard with minimal lag: very handy for those Google Stadia gaming sessions. Based on leaked information, it'll launch for less than $50 in the US (that's about £39 or AU$69, but don't expect a straight currency conversion).

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