Google Stadia controller gets wireless support for PC gaming at last

(Image credit: Google)

It's been a long time coming, but Google Stadia and its wireless controller now, finally, work as they should on PC.

You'll now be able to use the gamepad without plugging in its USB-C cable to your PC, taking advantage of the wireless connectivity built in - and which, really, should have been ready for Stadia's launch.

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Slowly improving

To get the pad to work with your PC browser or app build of Stadia, you'll need to connect it again through your Wi-Fi network.

Wireless play sounds like a small addition, and in some respects it is, but it's worth noting that Google's platform is a little more complicated in its connectivity than, say, a regular console.

The controller is designed to seamlessly connect to multiple devices, from a phone to a PC, Chromecast or laptop. Jumping from one device to another to resume play is all part of the appeal of Stadia.

Add a slowly growing library of games and a real free tier of access, and Stadia is starting to look like the game streaming service it always should have been.

Gerald Lynch

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