Google Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch database sightings suggest an imminent launch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (Image credit: Future)

We’ve been waiting years for the Google Pixel Watch, but it’s looking like the wait might almost be over, as the wearable has reportedly now been spotted on a US carrier's back-end inventory system.

That’s according to sources speaking to Android Police, who claim the wearable has shown up under the codename ‘rohan,’ which is a name that has previously been linked to the Pixel Watch.

The listing apparently mentions gray, black and gold colors, and 32GB of storage. It’s also likely from this that there will be a cellular version of the Pixel Watch, as the unnamed carrier has never sold a non-cellular smartwatch.

That’s not all that was spotted on this inventory system either, as the sources also claim to have seen something codenamed ‘bluejay’ mentioned in the database.

That name has previously been attached to the Google Pixel 6a, and it’s listed here as coming in black, white, and green shades, with 128GB of storage.

Those are the only details, so sadly there’s no news here on the price or release date, but the mere fact that these devices have been logged in a carrier’s inventory system suggests that the carrier in question is preparing to sell them, which in turn means they’re probably landing very soon.

Analysis: when will we see the Pixel Watch and Pixel 6a?

So how soon is soon? Well, our best guess is May, and more specifically May 26. That date was put forward by leaker Jon Prosser as when we’ll see the Pixel Watch.

He didn’t mention the Pixel 6a, but Max Jambor (another leaker) has said that will land in May, so if they’re launching that close to each other it would make sense for them to be announced together.

We can even go a step further and say that we’ll probably see these devices at Google I/O, as Google’s annual developer conference is almost always held in May, and while it tends to be primarily focused on software, it’s not unusual to see new hardware there too.

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