Google Pixel 6 users are reporting all sorts of issues with the official case

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If you've been thinking about buying the official Google Pixel 6 phone case, you may want to reconsider for the time being, as users are reporting some pretty serious issues in regards to the case's quality. Those include rapid yellowing and warping, while some users claim it doesn't even fit the phone out of the box.

The Verge (opens in new tab) reports that owners of the Pixel 6 are taking to sites like Reddit and Amazon to share their grievances about the quality of the official case. Some of these posts have gained a good amount of traction, including complaints about the rapid yellowing of the case (opens in new tab) and Amazon reviews stating the case has become warped (opens in new tab).

Worse still are the reports of the case not fitting the phone at all (opens in new tab), even brand new out of the box.

TechRadar staff writer Hamish Hector hasn't escaped some of these issues, either. As an owner of the official Google Pixel 6 phone case, he writes: "When I bought my Pixel 6 I also ordered the official case and I’ve had them both since just after the phone launched at the end of October last year. 

I have the black case and can’t tell if it’s turning yellow or picking up dirt, but it is definitely starting to warp around where the power and volume buttons are. It’s nothing too major right now, but disappointing for sure especially as it’s from the same people that make the phone."

A bad case for a great phone

While we were fans of the Pixel 6 in our review of Google's latest flagship smartphone, citing its affordability and excellent camera as reasons to buy, it's a shame that the official case hasn't been up to the same level of quality.

It's especially disappointing considering the case isn't exactly cheap. At $30 / £25 / around AU$42, it's pricier than unofficial cases that are even sturdier, such as the Caseology Vault, which we've included in our list of the best Google Pixel 6 cases you can buy.

It's worth noting that not every official Google Pixel 6 case will face the issues outlined above. But for the time being, we'd recommend erring on the side of caution and opt for a more reliable unofficial case. Either that, or potentially wait for Google to release an updated version. 

However, at present, there's no guarantees as to whether or not the tech giant will plan to release an updated case. We do think Google should consider it, though, especially as the official case carries the Google name and branding. As a company that's no stranger to making high-quality products, we feel it's in its best interests to address the current issues that some Pixel 6 owners are having with the official case.

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