Google Pixel 5 teardown video shows off how its wireless charging works and more

Pixel 5
(Image credit: Google)

The Google's Pixel 5 launched recently, and a new teardown video has revealed how the smartphone supports wireless charging, as well as highlighting some other key design elements.

The breakdown video posted by YouTube channel PBKReviews sees them totally disassemble the Just Black color Pixel 5, and we see a large cutout in the middle of the handset's aluminum shell, which allows for the cooling necessitated by wireless charging.

Ordinarily, phones which are predominantly metal would suffer from overheating when using wireless charging, but this cutout should allow the charging coil to work its magic without heating up the phone and potentially damaging it. 

While the design of the phone is largely similar to the previous Pixel models, the video shows off some key differences, including the handset's NFC chip location, the under-display speakers, and how the display is attached.

Check out the video below:

As we can see from the video, the display is far more secure than on previous models. There are five clips, which, along with adhesive, should keep the display firmly fixed to the body of the phone.

The video also shows us the vibrating motor, under-display speakers and a lot of graphite film covering the battery and rear camera.

An L-shaped piece of metal is fixed with screws to cover the motherboard, which holds a lot of the main components, including the front-facing camera which can easily be unclipped and removed (or replaced, if you need to).

Underneath the battery is another layer of graphite sheet, which is covering the aforementioned cutout in the body of the phone. The wireless charging coil can be peeled back, and we can see that underneath there's a plastic (or, bio-resin) material that it sits on.

This isn't mentioned specifically in the video, but PBKReviews also shared two images in the video description which show it more clearly.