Google Pixel 4a leaked hands-on images show off the phone for the first time

Google Pixel 3a
The design of 2019's Google Pixel 3a (Image credit: Future)

Update: Since publication we've taken another look at these images and it appears they may be an edited image of the original Pixel device. Take the below with a large helping of salt, but note that the design of the phone still matches previously leaked concepts from other sources.

The Google Pixel 4a is heavily rumored to be debuting in the coming months, and the latest leak seems to show off core design elements of the upcoming handset.

Images provided to SlashLeaks seem to show off the device from the front and back, thanks to someone managing to get their hands on the device early.

The biggest surprise here may be the punch-hole design that allows for a selfie camera to sit in the top left corner of the device. That's a first for any Google Pixel phone, if these images are accurate, as previous devices house cameras in a large bezel or notch.

That means there isn't a thick bezel along the top of the display on the Pixel 4a, but there still seems to be a visible chin along the bottom of the screen.

On the rear, you'll find a fingerprint sensor in the center of the design. There also seems to be a single camera with a flash in the top left hand corner.

The hands on images suggest that'll be housed in a black block at that top corner rather than sitting separately as a round element like it did on the Pixel 3a series.

We don't know what material the phone is made of, but it seems to have a brushed metal effect which is something we haven't seen on other Google Pixel phones in the past.

We can't gurantee the authenticity of these leaked images, but they seem to match previous unofficial renders of the device that leaked from another source.

Those renders weren't leaked specifically, but they seemed to be made using information from a source that knew the design of the handset.

We originally expected the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL to debut at Google IO 2020, but that event has been cancelled due to concerns over spread of the coronavirus. The event may live on as an online event, and if that's the case we can still expect it to be around May 12-14 so it may not be long until we see this phone properly debut.

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