Google adds three more phones to the Project Fi lineup

Project Fi

Google’s US-only carrier, Project Fi, has added three new phones to its arsenal to give users (current and prospective) some more options. You’ll now be able to pre-order the Moto G6, LG V35 ThinQ and LG G7 ThinQ directly through Google’s online Fi portal.

Formerly limited to Google-made phones due to their unique cellular radios which utilize both CDMA (Sprint) and GSM (T-Mobile and US Cellular), Project Fi has grown considerably in the past year to include third-party options.

The current offering now includes the aforementioned additions, building on the lineup of the Moto X4, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. If you own a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or one of the original Google Pixel phones, those will work on the carrier as well.

Moto’s G6 and X4 are the cheapest options for Fi customers by a long shot, coming in at $199 and $249, respectively. If you want to opt for something more premium, your best bet is an outdated Google phone or the new Google Pixel 2, which starts at $649. LG’s options sit at the top of the offerings in terms of price and spec, with the G7 ThinQ at $749 and the V35 ThinQ at a staggering $899.

While only available in the US, Fi is an awesome pay-per-GB service that offers robust international coverage without charging an extra fee. It’s great to see this service growing, but we still wonder when Google will let international customers into the mix

Cameron Faulkner

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