Get the UK's cheapest fibre broadband deal for just £15/pm...but there's a catch

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Broadband providers are always trying to battle it out to offer the best deal. Offers on free tech, money off and gift cards are all great incentives that instantly boost the value of any good broadband deal, but nothing can quite the title of 'UK's cheapest fibre broadband deal'.

The owner of this prestigious title seems to change about quite frequently. One minute it's the little-known Onestream, next it's the household name Plusnet. But right now, that title belongs to Hyperoptic.

Offering average speeds of 30Mb for just £15 (if you use the code FLASH19) Hyperoptic has beaten the prices of every single provider, even bettering some ADSL offers! But of course, with all things this good there is a catch.

To get your hands on this ridiculously good value offer, you will have to be in Hyperoptic's coverage range. While that wouldn't be an issue with most ISPs, Hyperoptic currently only covers 1% of the UK. 

You can head over to Hyperoptic's website to see if you're in the lucky 1% but hurry, the offer ends on June 20.

Fall into the majority? Then there is still good news. Now is still a brilliant time to get a fibre broadband deals. We've listed all of the other great offers at the bottom of the page.

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This market leading fibre broadband deal

Hyperoptic 30Mb Fibre broadband and phone | 12 month contract | 30Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £15 per month (using code FLASH19)
For that lucky 1% living in Hyperoptic's coverage, there really is no deal quite as good as this. Pay just £15 per month and you get speeds averaging 30Mb. This is a price that is cheaper than the majority of ADSL packages, in fact, this offer is one of the cheapest broadband deals in general...if it is available where you are.
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How does this compare to other broadband deals?

If you're not able to get Hyperoptic, there are still a tonne of other great offers. The stand-out choice right now comes from BT. Offering average speeds of 50Mb for just £29.99 this is already a pretty great deal. But then throw in the £110 pre-paid Mastercard BT offers and it becomes brilliant value. 

BT a little bit too expensive? Vodafone has some affordable fibre broadband deals to help you out. At £22 a month, the average speeds of 35Mb from Vodafone are a steal.

If you don't mind relying on a bit of cashback, you can go even cheaper than that. Plusnet has an offer of £23.99 a month for average speeds of 36Mb, but throw in the £60 cashback it is currently offering and it becomes nearer to £20.65 a month.