Get almost every Telltale Game for less than the price of one with Humble Bundle

Humble Bundles are usually a guarantee of some great gaming deals and the latest one is no different. This time you can get every game from Telltale Games on PC for as little as $15 (around £11.50).

That’s a lot of adventuring and not a bad price for a collection of games that has a value of around $275. 

Telltale has become known over the past few years for creating narrative adventure games that largely rely on the player interacting with a story by making decisions that will have a lasting impact on the way the narrative progresses. Like a choose-your-own adventure game. 

Tell a tale

As with other Humble Bundle offers, this one works on a tiered basis and the amount you're willing to pay determines how much you'll get. If you pay $1, you'll get 9 games, including The Walking Dead season 1 alongside some of Telltale's less prolific titles like Puzzle Agent and Poker Night.

Pay above the average which at time of writing is $8.36 (around £6.42) and you'll get all of the games from the first tier plus some of the studio's most popular titles including Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands, The Walking Dead series 2 and The Walking Dead: Michonne. 

More games are expected to be added to this price tier in the next week, but if you purchase now you'll still be sent their codes when they're revealed. 

Pay the full $15 (around £11.42) and you'll get all of the games from the previous tiers as well as Telltale's recent Batman game and Minecraft: Story Mode.

Sure, Telltale's games frequently appear in online store sales at times like Black Friday and you can sometimes pick them up for free on consoles with PS Plus and Games With Gold but building up your collection in this way is a slow process and you’re never going to get them all at once for this price. 

Besides, isn’t it nice to know your money is going somewhere good? It's up to you where your money from you purchase goes and you can give it all to charity if you like. 

You can visit the Humble Bundle page to see more of the games on offer and find out a bit more about them. 

The bundle will be available until August 1 so you have plenty of time to make your decision!

Emma Boyle

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