Stan Lee in the Game, Mass Effect not so much

Stan Lee in the Game, Mass Effect not so much
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Although our highlight of the gaming week was discovering that Fifa 12 is a LOT easier when you change away from the default camera settings, we're guessing that a lot of you knew that already and are looking for something more scintillating.

So, in this week's 7 Days of Gaming, which completely co-incidentally comes exactly seven days on from its predecessor, we are going to dribble hot gaming news into your brain to fill up all the cracks like the jelly in a pork pie.

It's not in the Game The big news from a UK point of view was the leaked memo from retailer Game that suggested that Mass Effect 3 would not be available because it could not come to an agreement with EA to stock the game. It's clearly tough times for physical retail.

Amazing Spider-Man We cruelly relegated Activision's Amazing Spider-Man to third place last week, but this week we found out that creator Stan Lee is actually a playable character. Lee famously cameos in Marvel films, but now he's shoe-horning himself into games too. [Joystiq]

LG optimus 3d max

3D games phone TechRadar has spent much of the week looking at the coolest new phones and tablets at MWC in Barcelona, but 7DiG is always on the lookout for gaming content we took a close look at the LG Optimus 3D Max, which not only offers 3D games, but can convert your humdrum 2D games by adding an extra dimension.

Doom 4 Some of us here at TechRadar can remember the original Doom arriving on our old-skool beige desktop PCs, so we're understandably excited about the fourth incarnation. Images appeared this week, but id design director Matthew Hooper quickly told the world that they were fakes adding: "When we officially show things you'll see awesome". [CVG]

Vita LIVES! Some good news for Sony, with the Vita officially hitting 1.2 million this week; this led to the inevitable comparison with 3DS et al, but we're relatively optimistic about the plucky handheld; not least because our PS Vita review labels it the "most powerful, dazzling and impressive handheld games console ever built."

Mass Effect 3 Want to see some footage from Mass Effect 3 courtesy of our friends on CVG? Here you go…

Last, but not least here's some of the best features from around Future's various gaming sites.


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