Samsung's VR headset appears in the flesh, look for it next to the Note 4

Samsung VR headset
Like the look?

We've seen it leak countless times, but we've never actually seen what Samsung's VR headset looks like in the flesh.

That seemingly changes today as an image of the set-up was acquired by The Verge.

The site reported Samsung plans to unveil the headset codenamed "Project Moonlight" during its September 3 pre-IFA event. It's there Samsung is also expected to announce the Galaxy Note 4.

The headset, which may be dubbed Gear VR at the time of release, looks to employ a smartphone as its display, much like Google's Cardboard. Its lenses are capable of turning the flat on-screen imagery into a 3D wonderland, or so it would seem.

Calling Oculus

Oculus had been reported as involved in Samsung's VR project, but how much the Rift-maker partook in developing the headset shown here or what its involvement in the final product is like isn't known.

The phone shown alongside the goggles here looks to be a Galaxy S5, however if Samsung announces Project Moonlight and the Note 4 at the same event, you can bet there will be some synergy between the two.

Besides a panel that presumably holds the phone onto the headset, Samsung's VR gear looks to have a focus dial and possibly a micro USB connection to tether to the handset. There's also a gamepad in the leak, one we assume controls the action happening in front of a user's face.

TechRadar will be on hand at Samsung's events September 3 in New York and Berlin, so stay tuned for what Sammy reveals.

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