Rockstar denies GTA on Apple iPhone

GTA iPhone is currently not in development, despite the appearance of a slick-looking teaser website

Rockstar Games has denied that it has anything to do with a rumoured version of its mighty Grand Theft Auto for the Apple iPhone, following the emergence of a slick-looking teaser website.

The website shows an iPhone set against a familiar GTA-style backdrop, with the iPhone seemingly running footage of a GTA game.

Check out the website for yourself at to see what you think.

Rumour, speculation, denial

"It's not impossible that we're seeing the first teaser trailer of a new iPhone GTA chapter - a rumour heard floating on the breeze at Leipzig last year," notes mobile gaming specialist site Pocket Gamer.

TechRadar was of course straight on the blower to our contacts at the publisher, who told us in no uncertain terms that the site was nothing to do with them.

Shame, really. We were getting all excited about the prospect of some cop-killing on our trusty Apple MID!