New 40nm graphics chip means cheaper PS3s

New model of PS3 uses a 40nm graphics chip, which means a saving for Sony

Sony's new model of the PlayStation 3 is cheaper for the company to manufacture.

The latest model of the PlayStation 3, code-named CECH-2100A, features a 40nm graphics chip and is also cheaper for the gamer, as it sucks up less power.

Smaller graphics chip

The PS3's graphics processing unit has been cut down in size from 65nm to 40nm, which also means that the unit is going to be far less likely to overheat than previous models.

The new 40nm graphics chip joins the current 45nm Cell processor. Here is the latest redesign — introducing the CECH-2100A:

The CECH-2100A's heatsink has been simplified in comparison to the previous CECH-2000A model (the PS3 Slim with the 65nm RSX) and the new power supply weighs 30g less at 412g.

To put this in some kind of context, the original 60GB PS3's power supply weighed 815g.

The new PS3 tear-down was carried out by Japanese site PocketNews

Kotaku via PlayStation University