Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer takes us to a whole new solar system

Mass Effect 4

EA opened its E3 2015 conference with a Mass Effect cinematic trailer and title reveal: Mass Effect Andromeda. The highly anticipated game is expected to release in the far out "holiday 2016" window for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the shortest video ever, we were shown an N7 insignia-toting soldier flipping through a galaxy map searching for who knows what. The character scrolls through six beautiful looking maps that we can't wait to explore.

We're then treated with some action-packed, CGI-born scenes of ancient pylons erecting from sand dunes, laser fire and – of course – jetpack punches. There's always room for those.

BioWare bestows some details

Aaryn Flynn, Studio General Manager of BioWare Canada wrote in a blog post that, despite the lack of details surrounding the space game, Andromeda will be a brand new adventure that takes place "long after the events of the original trilogy."

You also won't get to play as an alien and instead stay your same, boring human self. However, the marine in the trailer isn't you.

A brand new Mako land rover, along with fresh face team members (and lovers), will be part of your crew. Together, you'll explore the Andromeda galaxy telling a whole new story. However, it's unknown whether your actions and choices in the previous Mass Effect trilogy will affect what takes place in this new galaxy.

Watch the official trailer below and get even more excited to visit the Andromeda system sometime late next year.