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The FTC is forcing Sony to give money back to early PS Vita adopters

PS Vita
Sony allegedly misled customers about the PS Vita's capabilities

The US Federal Trade Commission is taking Sony to task for false advertising during its early push to get the PS Vita into gamers' hands.

The FTC says the Vita didn't live up to some of the claims Sony made about the portable console, and now the company is being forced to pay out small refunds to certain customers.

Specifically Sony's early Vita advertising seemed to claim that the handheld featured cross-platform saves with all PS3 games and that you could play multiplayer games over the system's 3G data connection, neither of which were true.

Sony's been forbidden from making these claims in the future and ordered to cut some checks.

Who wants some free money?

Sony will pay out $25 in cash or credit or a $50 merchandise voucher to any US customers who bought the system before June 1 2012.

And don't worry if you didn't keep your receipt - Sony will reportedly email you if you qualify.

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