PlayStation Now subscription details revealed

PlayStation Now subscription details revealed
All you can handle for $20

PlayStation Now as we always imagined it is about to launch, with all-you-can-eat game streaming subscriptions available from January 13.

From mid-January US PS4 owners will be able to sign up for a Now subscription, and it already gets you access to a boatload of games. They're not current ones, but PS3 titles - and more than a hundred of them.

At this point, Sony is offering subscriptions of $19.99 for one month or $44.99 for three months use, saving you $14.98.

Just from the promo image for the service alone, we know there are some top titles on the way. Grid 2, ICO, Darksiders and The Walking Dead are among some of the titles Sony is currently promoting.

It looks like a chunk of the initial line-up will be composed of PSN titles rather than full box releases, but we expect the games available to increase in the coming months.


Just as important: when will it come to other devices and other countries?
 PS3, PS Vita and PlayStation TV are all likely to get on-board the PlayStation Now rental train in time, but Sony hasn't given us an idea about when -beyond "in the future" - as the PlayStation blog reads.

It's likely this US rollout will be used as a test of server load, catering to a solid chunk of the audience without opening up the service to absolutely everyone. Those using other PlayStation Now devices in the US can currently rent games, but not sign up for a sub.

Sony will offer a 7-day trial of the subscription for PS4 owners, after which you can choose your terms, or leave the past in the past.

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