Ouya gives miffed backers store credit, but could move jumpstart game sales?

Ouya, it's August, where's my console?

Ouya backers were supposed to receive the mini console around March and April, but June rolled around and crickets were still chirping in the mailboxes while Ouyas were stocked on store shelves.

To make up for this shipment snafu, along with customer service issues and missing controllers, Ouya founder Julie Uhrman sent an apology email late last week with the added info that backers would receive "store credit of $13.37 (about £8.71, AU$15) to use toward any purchase(s)" in its game store.

It's a small (and random) amount, but something is better than nothing, right?

The store credit may also be a stepping stone for the console creators to encourage other purchases as game sales have been low - as of July, reports indicate that only 27 percent of Ouya owners have actually bought a game.

It's a tough fight for the crowd-funded Ouya in the mini-console race (Mad Catz Mojo, anyone?) against the larger next-gen consoles, but it looks like Ouya is looking to climb back in the ring after a rocky start.

Via Kotaku

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