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Best Wii U bundle Black Friday deal adds Mario Kart 8 at Amazon

8 is great
8 is great

Who hasn't spent a glorious afternoon playing Mario Kart with family and friends? Now you can host the party without paying an arm and a leg.

The Nintendo Wii U comes bundled with Mario Kart 8 on Amazon this Black Friday for only $299. This includes a 32GB console, Wii U Game Pad, Game Pad Stylus, Sensor Bar and all the other peripherals you'll need to start driving. You've got to love these Black Friday deals.

In this version of Mario Kart 8, you can drive on walls and ceilings on 48 new tracks. You can also play online with up to 12 players, including family and friends.

Join the fun

Mario Kart 8 was released in May of last year and it has become the Wii U's most popular game. As of October, more than 5.8 million people have purchased Mario Kart 8, the latest installment in the series that Nintendo launched in 1992 on the Super NES.