5 N64 games that have to be brought back on the Nintendo NX

2. Ogre Battle 64


Ogre Battle 64 is a real-time strategy role playing game developed by Quest for the Nintendo 64 and released in 2000.

It came to the Nintendo 64 a good few years into the console's lifespan but its deep gameplay, visuals, and story offered some much needed rejuvenation for the N64 before the release of the magnificent Majora's Mask brought the platform more success.

If the Nintendo NX is to be a cross between a handheld and a console as has been repeatedly rumored, a deep RPG strategy game could be the perfect kind of game to bring to it.

That's not only because it's a great genre to have in any console lineup but because the Nintendo NX could offer new and interesting ways to play.

1. Jet Force Gemini


Oh, Jet Force Gemini. It's a game by Rare for Nintendo 64 that frankly doesn't get as much love as it deserves. Fortunately it appeared on Rare's 30th Anniversary Rare Replay title, but we'd like to see it come back to Nintendo for a turn.

Released in 1999, it's a third person shooter and platformer that puts players in control of three members of the Jet Force Gemini team – one of which is an amazing space dog – as they attempt to defeat evil overlord Mizar and his army of drones.

Like most of Rare's platform games, Jet Force Gemini has charming colorful and cartoonish visuals that stand the test of time surprisingly well.

The game was composed of 15 expansive levels with heavy emphasis on exploration and combat and though many agreed that it had some tedious level-repeating elements it was mostly just pure fun.

It would be apt for a game that puts so much emphasis on world exploration to be playable on the hybrid NX console. Besides this, it had a multiplayer mode and unlockable mini games that would be well-suited to taking on the go with the new Nintendo handheld.

Emma Boyle

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