Fossil Q Control is a waterproof smartwatch with a heart rate monitor

Fossil has already launched the Fossil Q Explorist and Fossil Q Venture this year, but it’s already back with a new smartwatch, and this one is the brand’s first to include a heart rate monitor.

The Fossil Q Control is also swim-proof, so it should be a more appealing health and fitness wearable than most watches in Fossil’s smart range, but it could appeal even if you have no interest in breaking a sweat.

The watch features a completely round face – no flat tire here – and it runs Android Wear 2.0, so you have access to a wide range of apps.

Customize the strap and face

There’s a replaceable silicone strap and a 13.5mm thick case, and the Q Control also sports Fossil’s first virtual touch bezel on the edge of the display for easy navigation.

The software experience should otherwise be similar to other Android Wear devices, but with the addition of some exclusive ‘sport inspired’ digital faces and a ‘color picker’, which allows you to customize the colors of each face.

It remains to be seen whether the Fossil Q Control will be any good, but it looks promising, with a design that appears similarly stylish to other Fossil watches and a lot more features, all for roughly the same price as the likes of the Q Explorist, as the Q Control is out now in the US and UK for $275/£279 (around AU$360).

James Rogerson

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