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FAUG TDM mode update to arrive on June 21 in beta

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There hasn't been much activity on the part of FAUG (opens in new tab)developers after the release of the game back in the month of January this year. There have been a couple of minor updates, but that's been about it.

The Team Deathmatch mode was previously teased by the team at nCore Games and Akshay Kumar. But back then the developers had not shared any specific dates of when we might see the new mode. And now the team has released a trailer of the upcoming TDM mode and what we can expect from it. The new update will be available in a beta version on June 21. 

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The new trailer shows the characters in the game wielding rifles with scopes similar to what we have seen in other major fps games. The trailer seems to suggest that the action would be in First Person Mode. But that does not mean there is no possibility of a Third Person Mode in the upcoming update. 

There seems to be explosions as well, and we see a character throwing an explosive grenade along with more on a weapon crate which suggests that there will be throwables being added as well. 

As for weapons, we see a variety of rifles in the trailer which include some auto-rifles, DMRs and sniper rifles. One Bullpup style rifle also has a suppressor mounted on the muzzle. Besides these, there are mounted knives and independent ones as well as handguns. 

One of the sequence in the trailer shows a character vaulting over an obstacle which indicates that the developers listened to the players and could be adding a jumping or vaulting mechanism to the game. 

For what it's worth, the developers seem to have listened to what the critics of the game had to say. And with this update, the game could potentially look very different and change what the critics thought about it initially. 

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