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How Snapchat integrated Ludo Club as a new Snap Game

Snapchat Snap Games Ludo Club
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Snap Inc (opens in new tab). has launched Ludo Club which is its first local Snap Games in India made in partnership with Moonfrog Labs. Ludo Club is a popular and long-standing strategy board game, where players race their tokens according to the rolls of a single die. 

This is a board game that is typically played by two to four players, and the mobile version emerged as one of the most played games in 2020. And now Snapchat users can play the game with their friends on Snapchat.

Speaking about Snap Games to TechRadar, John Imah, Global Head of Games and Brand Partnerships at Snap said, "We first introduced Snap Games at our 2019 partner summit as a live multiplayer gaming platform featuring both original and third-party games. Since launch, more than 100 million Snapchatters globally have played our games and we’ve continued to develop new games, both our own and working with partners including PikPok, Spry Fox, Game Closure, ZeptoLab, Zynga, Mojiworks and more recently Gismart. We see healthy engagement in India with Snap Games."

“We’re delighted to bring one of our most popular and loved games, Ludo Club, to the Snap Games platform. Our shared motto of making gaming more inclusive makes this a perfect partnership for re-imagining how people engage and connect with each other,” said Tanay Tayal, Co-founder and Director at Moonfrog Labs.

The partnership was first announced in October at a virtual event hosted by Snap in which the company shared that its daily active user base grew by over 150% and showcased the latest developments specifically for the Indian market. Other initiatives included the first non-English language Snap Original, Phone Swap India and exclusive Creator Shows from creators such as Anuskha Sen and Vir Das.

When asked if Snapchat plans to bring more India specific games to Snap Games, Imah said, "We are on the lookout for more great games that resonate with our diverse community in India and all over the world."

As for Ludo Club, it has been created by Moonfrog Labs to provide a consistent experience, while being a part of the Snap Games ecosystem. There are a few differences between the experiences and instead of the red, blue, yellow and green counters, Ludo Club uses Bitmoji avatars. And like other Snap Games, players can do both in-game Chat (text) and live audio chat with friends whilst playing. And there’s a ‘Share a Snap’ feature which allows players to share Ludo-themed snaps with friends and invite them to play with them.

For scoring, Ludo will use Snap Games leaderboards, which are personalised so players see how they rank against friends and even globally amongst other Snapchatters. Players will be able to use coins (in-game currency) to purchase different experiences. Also as you play more, you can unlock new dices and emojis you can use.

Imah commented on Snapchat's India experience and mentioned the creative tools that have already been incorporated like Holi, IWD and the Spring Festivals, Snap Kit integrations such as Moj and NDTV. He added that the company has seen strong growth momentum over the past year, and the focus is on creating a culturally and locally relevant experience for Indian users through product developments, creative tools, community engagement and partnerships. 

To play Ludo Club on Snap games, users have to search under "Games & Minis" and in the chat tray to find and play the game. 

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