Every Samsung QLED TV for 2020 is now on sale – if you can afford them

Samsung Q800T 8K QLED (2020) (Image credit: Samsung)

After a new Samsung TV? The world's biggest TV maker has now officially launched its 2020 range of QLED televisions in the UK, meaning you can finally get your hands on the latest and greatest Samsung screens.

In terms of brand new models, there are a host of 4K QLEDs and high-end 8K TVs, with the more premium sets costing several thousands of pounds. 

The flagship 8K model for 2020, the Q950TS QLED, starts at £5,999 for its smallest (yes, smallest) 65-inch size, with two other 8K QLEDs – the Q900T and Q800T offering a markdown to £4,999 and £3,999 respectively.

The 4K TVs are, unsurprisingly, less bank-breaking. They start at a more reasonable £799 for the 43-inch Q60T (an edge-lit television), with the Q70T, and Q80T, Q85T, Q90T offering gradual improvements in terms of processing, premium features, and design materials.

Some other models, like the Q65T or Q95T, only differ from their Q60T and Q90T namesakes in a different colouring, or the inclusion of a One Connect box to hide away cables.

Designer TVs in all-new sizes

Excitingly, the new 2020 range for Samsung The Frame TV is now available too – complete with never-before-included TV sizes. That means you can now get a compact 32-inch version of the designer television – possibly the most premium TV we've ever seen at this size – for your home. Stick it on a bookshelf, we guess?

There's also a new 75-inch model of The Frame, for those wanting to truly go super-size. If you take more after the Samsung Serif TV, that set has also seen a 2020 refresh, with new Cloud White and Cotton Blue colorings – starting at £799 for the 43-inch model.

Henry St Leger

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