Epic Game Store's new exclusive game is free for PC gamers (but it’s $15 on consoles)

Totally Reliable Delivery Service
(Image credit: tinyBuild)

The latest exclusive to be released by the Epic Games Store is free to keep forever, and you can grab the game for nothing during the coming week (up until April 8).

Normally, Totally Reliable Delivery Service would set you back $14.99 (or £11.99) from Epic, and indeed console gamers on the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch will be paying that full price.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, developed by We’re Five Games, is a sandbox game where you have to deliver packages in what looks like seriously chaotic fashion. There’s a pile of weird and wonderful vehicles to pilot, like speedboats, golf carts or hot air balloons for example, and co-op multiplayer that allows for four friends to take on these unpredictable looking delivery challenges together.

So given that it’s free, this could be a welcome social distraction what with the lockdowns in many countries due to the coronavirus outbreak. Of course, we’ve already seen a few freebie game offerings driven by the fact that many folks are now having to spend a lot more time at home than they normally would.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

(Image credit: tinyBuild)

Getting your goat

Totally Reliable Delivery Service has been described as a bit like Goat Simulator by our sister site PC Gamer, and it’s pretty silly and light-hearted. It looks like good fun, particularly at the tempting asking price of absolutely nothing, although we’ve seen some criticism online that the game’s physics and collision detection can be somewhat glitchy and annoying. (The ragdoll physics, incidentally, will look familiar to Human: Fall Flat fans).

We can’t imagine that the longevity aspect of the game will be a particularly strong suit, either.

Still, it’s difficult to level much criticism at a good old freebie for PC gamers, so if you’re in need of a distraction, head over to the Epic Games Store, drop a message to a few friends to do the same, and see if you can have a blast trying to complete some deliveries.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service will remain free on Epic’s store until 11am ET (8am PT, 4pm UK time) on April 8.

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