EE next-generation internet combines fixed line broadband with its mobile network

Mobile network EE has made a number of announcements, focused on a new form of home broadband deals, sharing your data with your family, and revealing its smart home offering.

It's also launched a new AR Virtual Support app that gives users visual instructions on setting up devices such as routers, showing you where various cables go in augmented reality on your smartphone.

Next-gen broadband

In 2019 EE will launch its hybrid broadband technology, which will combine traditional fixed-line broadband (ADSL and fibre) with its mobile network.

The result will be a broadband connection that's boosted by the carrier's 4G network, ensuring better speeds at peak times.

If there's an issue with the fixed-line connection, the 4G mobile network will take over, keeping your home connected without interruption to service.

There's currently no word on pricing, or details on a physical router that will deliver the service, but EE tells us that the technology will be compatible with existing routers.

Homing in on your home

EE will start selling smart home devices from a number of leading brands in the space, including Google, Apple, Nest, Hive, Honeywell and Voice Assistants.

Products include smart thermostats, light bulbs, speakers, plugs and security cameras, and they'll be available from June 1 online and in stores. You'll be able to purchase them in store, or opt to add the cost to your next EE bill.

If you want to spread the cost of smart home devices, you can add them to your current EE plan at 0% APR, helping you spread the cost of smart home devices across the lifespan of your contract.

For smart home devices that require installation by a specialist, the work will be included in the price you pay, as will 12 months access to EE's smart home help team.

Share the data love

EE customers with multiple plans on one account can now share data between them all. If a member of your family is running low on data, you can shift data (in 500MB increments) from another member who has plenty of data remaining.

Only the legal owner of the account can shift data, and every time data is gifted (which is done through the My EE app) the sender and recipient will both receive a text message notifying them of the transfer.

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