EE launches first UK mobile phone service that lets you gift data to your family

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EE has announced a brand new UK service that will allow users of its network to share data with others using the MyEE app.

The idea is to allow parents to turn their children's data into a form of digital pocket money which can be dealt out as they see fit.

Not only that but parents will even be able see what the children use that data for, turn usage on or off entirely, limit use abroad and block premium rate calls.

The data sharing service will work in 500MB blocks and is on EE mobile pay monthly voice and SIM only plans - including mobile broadband tablets and select mobile broadband devices which are linked to the same plan.

Data for your family

To encourage more families to sign up to multiple plans in one account, EE is offering a free 1GB of data per month and 10% line discount for each new plan added.

For families, or anyone in a group with multiple accounts, they can upgrade to a single managed account by simply calling EE to have that activated. 

Max Taylor, Managing Director of Marketing, EE said: "Data gifting with EE helps families to get the most from their allowances by being able to move their mobile data around their smartphones, with easy to use parental controls.  

"So now mum and dad can turn their data into digital pocket money and reward the kids for good behaviour, or reduce the amount they are using, all without having to spend a penny more."

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