Download CyberLink Director Suite 5 free, exclusively for TechRadar readers

CyberLink Director Suite 5

We've teamed up with CyberLink to offer an exclusive offer: a full suite of creative software to download and use completely free.

CyberLink Director Suite 5 includes four full programs: PowerDirector 15 LE, PhotoDirector 8 DE, AudioDirector 7 LE and ColorDirector 5 LE.

To get your free software, just enter your email address to receive your unique serial numbers, then select the components you want to download.

CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector 15 LE is a premium video editor that's packed with powerful tools, but straightforward enough for new users to master. 

You'll find all the features you'd expect from premium video editing software, but they're all amazingly accessible. There's a choice of two intuitive interfaces: a fully featured multi-track timeline and a super convenient Magic Movie Wizard that'll combine pictures, video clips and music in a matter of seconds.

There's even support for 360-degree video, plus a dedicated slideshow tool, and it's all amazingly easy to use.

CyberLink PhotoDirector

CyberLink PhotoDirector 8 DE has everything you need to get your pictures looking amazing. It's designed for enthusiast photographers who need a reliable, feature-packed editor for converting raw files, and processing JPG and TIFF images.

Like PowerDirector, its editing tools give you as much granular control as you want, with comprehensive manual options as well as one-click presets. One of its most impressive tools is Video-to-Photo, which makes it easy to extract a still image from a video clip, create a panorama by merging several stills from a panned video, or show the movement of an object within a single frame.

CyberLink AudioDirector

Great looking images are only half the video experience. That's where CyberLink AudioDirector comes in, helping you create professional sound to provide the soundtrack for your video projects.

AudioDirector works together with PowerDirector, enabling you to sync audio to individual video frames, replace dialogue, and create virtual surround sound.

You also get advanced creative options including a vocal transformer, pitch bender, multi-track mixing and automatic correction tools.

CyberLink ColorDirector

CyberLink ColorDirector can dramatically improve the look of your videos by giving you full control over colors and lighting.

Experiment with HDR effects and split toning, try the various built-in movie presets to give your videos a specific look, select and track objects through frames, and isolate spot colors.

ColorDirector integrates with PowerDirector, with support for 360-degree video and high frame rate footage.

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