Don't buy these sketchy webcams during Prime Day...I'm serious

Best webcam deals amazon prime day
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Now that the Amazon Prime Day deals have appeared, you may have been waiting for this opportunity to get yourself a tidy saving on one of the best webcams, and a quick glance at what's on offer reveals there is a tonne of savings to be had... if you're willing to take a risk, that is.

The webcam market can be very confusing when so many models have a similar appearance, and when almost everything is advertised with a 1080p resolution and 30fps recording, how do you know what's actually worth buying? Thankfully I have a few bits of advice to avoid pitfalls like grainy video and questionable light detection, and of course some links to a few deals that are actually worth picking up.

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Amazon Prime Day webcam deals

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It's important to note that if a product aligns with the red flags I'm about to give you then that doesn't mean it's going to be a terrible product, but many of the webcams that should be avoided do fall into the same marketing patterns.

As you can see above, this webcam appears in several listings for different companies, which likely means this is a wholesale product that is being rebranded. This could mean you get a lackluster quality webcam, and it's highly unlikely you'll get any official software to help you make adjustments to things like contrast, zoom or brightness.

Another distinction is that many of these webcams rarely have any mention of the brands in the listing, simply being advertised as '2021 webcam' or 'Streaming webcam'. This is another indication that the actual product being sold is brandless, and while I appreciate having a big-brand name product isn't a necessity for most things (looking at you Apple), you have more to worry about with a webcam than just the resolution and frame rate.

When you buy a webcam from Logitech, Microsoft, Razer and other more recognizable names, you can rest a little easier knowing that the sensors and software that have gone into the device are reliable and guaranteed to work on almost every computer or laptop.

So what webcams should I buy on Prime Day?

Funnily enough, there are some great deals on trusted webcams that don't fall under the official Prime Day sale, but if you're saving some cash then who really cares? We've compiled a list below of some of the best bargains to save you hunting through all the riskier buys that Amazon has on sale.

The best webcam deals US

Logitech C270: $33.99 $26.99 at Amazon

Logitech C270: $33.99 $26.99 at Amazon
Save $13
You don't need to spend a fortune on a webcam to get a great product. The Logitech C270 comes equipped with superior sensors and software to most cheap rivals on the market, making it a fantastic budget buy for anyone looking for a reliable, affordable webcam.

Logitech C920X: $69.99 at Amazon

Logitech C920X: $69.99 at Amazon
Okay yes, this isn't on sale ...but it is finally back in stock, and at the lowest price it has been in months. The Logitech C920X is our favorite webcam, and suffered from scalped priced and crazy stock shortages due to the rise in working from home. Now that you're not overpaying, this is the best 'deal' we've seen for the beloved C920X for some time.

Razer Kiyo Pro webcam: $199.99  $169.99 on Amazon

Razer Kiyo Pro webcam: $199.99  $169.99 on Amazon
With an uncompressed 1080p 60fps recording capacity and vibrant HDR mode, this is a webcam made specifically for streamers who want incredible quality for their broadcasts. The Razer Kiyo Pro is undoubtedly one of the best webcams on the market, also granting you an adjustable FOV to customize to your needs or style.

AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM PW513: $249.99 $178.99 at Amazon

AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM PW513: $249.99 $178.99 at Amazon
Save $71
This 4K UHD webcam is a solid option for those looking to leave a professional impression with a potential career in live streaming. Definitely an enthusiast's choice, with a 4K resolution and ultrawide FOV for capturing your environment and reaction shots.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio: $89.95 $55.99 at Amazon

Microsoft LifeCam Studio: $89.95 $55.99 at Amazon
Save $33.96
A classic that hardly needs an introduction, this incredible 1080p webcam from Microsoft has been a firm favorite in the webcam market for years. With reactive autofocus and superior quality sensors, the Microsoft LifeCam Studio delivers crisp and colorful video that still beats newer, more expensive products.

The best webcam deals UK

Logitech StreamCam:£139.00£97.25 on Amazon

Logitech StreamCam: £139.00 £97.25 on Amazon
Save £41.75
The Logitech StreamCam was made with streamers and content creators in mind, which isn't surprising given its name. With 1080p video at a speedy 60fps, your broadcast or recordings will loom incredibly smooth. You can even turn your StreamCam to instantly shift into portrait mode for Instagram live videos.

Logitech C922: £94.99 £69.35 at Amazon

Logitech C922: £94.99 £69.35 at Amazon
Save £25.64
Another firm favourite for streamers and working professionals alike is the Logitech C922, the slightly beefier sibling to the beloved C920 models. Choose between 1080p at 30fps or a smoother 720p at 60fps for your broadcasts, and enjoy the multiple mounting choices that you can try with the included tripod.

No matter where you live, you'll find all the lowest prices for the best webcams from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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