Dig this: Minecraft’s Story Mode is now free on Windows 10

There’s some good news for those of you who like a spot of free gaming action, because Microsoft has made the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode available at no cost – at least for Windows 10 gamers.

The first episode of this adventure series from Telltale Games (which runs to eight parts in total), entitled ‘The Order of the Stone’, can be downloaded for the price of exactly zero pounds (or dollars), although the other catch is that you need to bag it from the official Windows Store (i.e. it’s not free on Steam or elsewhere).

So there are two caveats here, including the fact that it’s Windows 10 only, because Story Mode is actually compatible with versions of Windows going back to XP. Unfortunately, if you don’t have Microsoft’s newest OS, you don’t get the free pass.

Still, we can’t really moan about content being made free, and gamers who have upgraded or bought into Windows 10 are hardly likely to regret their move given that they get DirectX 12 goodness baked into the OS, and possibly more freebies down the line.

Decisions, decisions… 

Story Mode is all about the quest to find said Order of the Stone to save the world and all the usual malarkey, and it’s a decision-based adventure game with a neatly crafted little story.

The full game will set you back £30 (or $30), that being the version which comprises of all eight episodes (don’t buy the cheaper one for £20/$20, as that’s only the first five episodes – the release of the extra episodes six through eight caused quite some controversy for those who made that initial purchase, it should be noted).

It’s also worth remembering that Minecraft: Education Edition, the education-flavored variant of the game which was built from MinecraftEdu, comes out a week tomorrow. If you want to give that a whirl for free, you can do via the early access version, which will remain available right up until the launch on November 1.

Via: PC Gamer

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