Did LG just tease yet another extendable smartphone?

LG teases an extendable phone
(Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

LG Wing, the new 5G smartphone with a swivelling display was announced via a pre-recorded virtual announcement on Monday. At the very end of this 45-minute presentation, the South Korean tech giant also teased another device with an extended display. 

Though it lasted for a few seconds on the presentation, the darkened profile of a smartphone was visible and appeared to have a pull-out chin. Which makes us believe that LG is quite keen to move ahead with its Explorer Project that promises all kinds of new designs on phones. 

lg teases extendable phone

(Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

The presentation showed the new phone in the last 13 seconds. In fact, the event ends with the smartphone silhouette getting fully extended into a single display that glows and morphs into the words "Hold your Breath", followed by the title LG Explorer Project. The clip has been made available by CNET, which spotted it first. 

There was no official comment on this short clip, but that's obvious given that LG wouldn't want anyone to steal the thunder from the LG Wing. Especially so, since it is  probably the first of many crazy designs and unique use-cases that we may witness from the company's Explorer Project. 

LG is not new to experimentation

When the world is going crazy over foldables, LG appears to suggest that extending the phone displays could result in fewer durability concerns. Some of you may recall that TCL had shown us a similar form factor earlier this year. Mind you, that design was eye-catching too. 

in fact, LG has been no stranger to such ideas, having released its modular LG G5 in 2016, which allowed users to remove key hardware components such as batteries. Earlier in 2014, it had the G-Flex that boasted a contoured display. Since both didn't really catch the fancy of users, LG went back to the traditional designs. 

The Korean company had revealed a sneak peek into how the LG Wing works with two displays rolled into one. Instead of unfolding like foldables or LG's previous phones packing Dual Screen peripherals, the LG Wing 5G swivels out its screen horizontally to reveal a smaller half-screen underneath.

For now, we can be sure that the LG Wing 5G would be the first device out of LG's 'Explorer Project' which aims to re-imagine what phones could be. Here's the hour-long launch video wherein LG execs discuss the logic behind the LG Wing. 

The LG Wing has been confirmed to be coming to the US. An exact release date or whether the phone will be landing in the UK and Australia is currently unclear, as is the probability of an Indian launch. 

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