Design your own Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons bundle – if you're in Japan

(Image credit: Nintendo)

From Animal Crossing bundles to Diablo 3, the Nintendo Switch has already seen plenty of special edition console styles. But if you want a different color for your Joy-Cons, you've been limited to buying separate pairs of the controllers.

New Nintendo Switch owners in Japan have been given a new option, however. Nintendo is letting people choose made-to-order Switch bundles with Joy-Cons in colors of your choosing.

Not only that, but Nintendo is also letting you pair the Joy-Cons with straps in a number of colors.

Color options

New buyers will get 10 color options for the Joy-Cons and seven for the straps, as well as being offered options to have a microSD card, pre-loaded games and Pro controllers packed up as part of the offer. Everything you need, right out of the box basically.

Nintendo is still also selling the first wave of Switch consoles in Japan, though without improved battery life, offering a ¥3,000 voucher (about $30 / £25) for those that take the older machine.

Will Nintendo eventually offer this elsewhere? At present, it's hard to get any Nintendo Switch stock outside of Japan – here's our tips on where to buy a Nintendo Switch console today.

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