Deal of the Day: Get Inside and Limbo for under £10 in the PlayStation sale

You’ve probably already noticed, but the PlayStation Store currently has a huge summer sale on where you can get huge discounts on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games as well as movies. 

Sometimes it can be hard to find truly great deals in these digital store sales – even with 60% off, many titles only drop to the price the physical copy has been selling at for months with other retailers. Often you'll find yourself scrolling through pages and pages of price cuts before you find one that really draws your eye.

Inside scoop

To save you some time, we’ve spotted a great deal that deserves to be called out and that’s the Inside and Limbo bundle which will get you two great games for only £7.39. This is a discount of 66% on these critically acclaimed 2D puzzle platformers from indie developer PlayDead.

Though we know we're being less than helpful, the less you know about these games before you play the better, but suffice it to say they're stylish, dark and puzzling games that leave an impression.

You can take a look at the rest of the sale for yourself here. You’ll find pages and pages of games on offer that range from recent releases like Tekken 7 to online classics with still-enraptured audiences like Grand Theft Auto 5