Dead Island 2 is apparently still alive, despite being announced 6 years ago

Dead Island 2
(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Remember Dead Island 2? The game was first revealed at E3 in 2014 with a pretty memorable trailer, only to disappear into the aether ever since. 

Remarkably, despite six years of relative silence, it turns out that Dead Island 2 might not be dead just yet, according to the game’s publisher Deep Silver. 

In a tweet promoting Saints Row: Get Out Of Hell being free as part of Xbox Games With Gold for December, a user asked Deep Silver about Dead Island 2, but was told to “give up man” by another user. Out of nowhere, and to the surprise of absolutely everyone, Deep Silver’s official account replied to offer a shred of hope for Dead Island 2 fans.

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When pressed by the same user who was rightly pessimistic, the publisher said that while it wasn’t quite ready to talk about the latest Dead Island just yet (it’s been six years?) the announcement will be made on Twitter.

While we’re still technically no closer to seeing Dead Island 2 actually come out, the fact Deep Silver even bothered to address a fan’s plea is a positive sign that maybe, just maybe, Dead Island 2 is coming.

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Zombie nation

Dead Island 2 has become vaporware at this point, a term used for games that are announced but never actually released. You know, like RockStar’s The Agent, Capcom’s Deep Down (which I even played at the Tokyo Game Show) and Beyond Good & Evil 2, though the latter did get another trailer two years ago.

Will we see Dead Island 2 on PS5 or Xbox Series X? While we wouldn’t say get your hopes up, the dream at least is still alive, and you always watch the game's 2014 E3 trailer to remind yourself of where it all began. You can actually pre-order the game from certain retailers if you're feeling particularly optimistic. 

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