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Cristiano Ronaldo arrives on Free Fire with his own universe

Cristiano Ronaldo in Free Fire
(Image credit: Garena)
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Garena Free Fire has just unveiled Cristiano Ronaldo as its global brand ambassador. And now it has also announced that Ronaldo will be a playable character in the game. Ronaldo will be a part of Operation Chrono. Free Fire has previously featured other celebrities like Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan.

Besides this the patch notes of Free Fire OB25 update is also out. While the update will be pushed globally soon, it will entail a lot of changes. Here's a look at all the changes that the new update will bring. 

Free Fire OB25 Patch Notes:

Ranked Season 4: Against Squad

- Free Fire Ranked Season 4 called Against Squad will start from December 8

- Players reaching Gold III or higher will received P90 Gold as an exclusive reward.

- Search Engine has been improved to improve the quality of matches and matchmaking.

Contra Squad

- Preformed squads will get lesser patent protections.

- Players will receive extra patent protections when they rank up.

- Preformed squads will be placed against other preformed squads.

New Weapon: Vector

- Vector will be available in Contra Squad and Classic Mode.

- It is the first-ever weapon in Free Fire that supports Akimbo Mode, in which two weapons can be equipped at the same time.

- It has a damage rate of 22 and can be equipped with gun mouth and stock as attachments.


- Frequency rate of M82B has been reduced on all maps.


- Damage has been increased from 28 to 29.

- Rate of Fire has been increased by 5%

- Effective Range has been increased by 12.5%

- Maximum Kickback has been decreased by 14%


- Damage has been increased from 23 to 24.

- Recoil has been decreased by 11%.

Advanced Weapons

- Advanced Accessories have been replaced with Advanced Weapons.

- Advanced Weapons will appear in random locations on the map.

Training Island

- A new mini-game has been added along with vehicle upgrades.

- New coin called Shells has been introduced that can be earned by participating in the mini-games and socializing. Shells can be traded with fireworks in the game.

- Sound Box has been made available on the Training Island.

- Dynamic lighting: Training Island lighting will now adjust to real-world brightness.

Electric Plank

- The speed of the electric board has been decreased, and it will get unequipped upon receiving damage.

Elite Pass

- Weekly missions have replaced elite and Veteran missions.

- The developers will adjust the mission mechanisms in the next season, so players have a better experience as they level up.


- Now, players can save two different HUD patterns for different game modes.

Ranked Mode Interface

- A new special page has been added for ranked mode so that players can check their ranked season stats and rewards easily for both Battle Royale and Contra Squad.

Utility Menu

- You can now rotate utilities menu to adjust the HUD anywhere on the screen.

Free Fire Partners

- Free Fire Partner program has been made available.

- Free Fire partners will receive special in-game badges.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

- Kill camera in Classic Mode has been optimized.

- Players can now re-follow the jump leader.

- Most secondary weapons will appear on players’ models.

With the departure of PUBG Mobile from a major market like India, it seems like Free Fire is going all out to capture the market. And this newest update is a clear sign of the same. 

Bodhisatwa Ray
Bodhisatwa Ray

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