Cricket Wireless launches the 6-inch ZTE Blade X Max at just $99

ZTE Blade X Max is launching on Cricket Wireless tomorrow, Friday, May 12, and it's bringing a special $99 price to new customers looking for a cheap phone.

It has a 6-inch Full HD display (1080p) and Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. Only 7% of active Androids in the world even run Nougat, so that's a big perk.

The Blade X Max also boasts a 13MP camera that's capable of taking panoramic photos, 5MP front-facing camera and a rear fingerprint sensor.

It has a fairly sizable 3,400mAh battery and a lower-end Snapdragon 435 chipset fit for a budget phone. It'll surely be faster also likable Blu R1 Plus.

About that ZTE Blade X Max price

The ZTE Blade X Max costs $99 for new Cricket Wireless customers coming from a different carrier. This deal is for people who port over their phone number.

Everyone else has to pay the full (still cheap) price of $150. Cricket is all about poaching you with slick deal if you're on another network.

Is it worth the switch? Well, we recently reviewed the ZTE Max XL on Boost Mobile, which has a very similar name. It's more than a coincidence. 

US carriers love to own the phone name, so you're pretty much getting the same phone, only this one with work on the Cricket Wireless GSM network.

Matt Swider