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The man behind the world's most child-friendly PC

Kickstarting MiiPC

Song has a long and successful history in the computing world. He was the founder of eMachines, which was eventually sold to Gateway for $262 million in 2004, before becoming part of Acer in 2007.

His MiiPC setup is the latest release in a 20-year career and was one of the darlings of Kickstarter earlier this year, making its $50,000 bid price within 24 hours.

Mobile app for controlling MiiPC

An iOS app allows parents to control kids' access

With thousands of parents already interested in the machine, it should come as no surprise that there are other child-friendly systems already on the market. But Song believes that while there are alternatives out there, they all fail at one thing: successfully monitoring a child's internet habits without excessively limiting them.

"Most solutions for software blocks are too restrictive," explains Song. "Blocking might be great for the parents, but the most important thing is to have the remote, real-time actions. This is what parents really need, a way to monitor rather than outright block.

"My concern is about children getting addicted," he says. "It's not about blocking too much because the kids will then go to friends' houses and play the game there. Rather than defer the problem, you can use the data you gather on your child to speak to them."

Does it come in silver?

This attempt to bring the power back to parents (MiiPC's words) doesn't look like it will stop at children, either. There's already talk of bringing the power back to the parent's parents (our words).

MiiPC in action

Could the MiiPC work for the elderly as well as the young?

TechRadar floated the idea of adapting the software and hardware for the 'silver surfer' brigade, who may be struggling to get to grips with their computer. Song admitted that this could well be another area for the MiiPC.

"I am very happy to have the companion software for children, so we will see how this goes. But one of the things people are asking for is a senior version of the MiiPC," he says.

"The senior market is definitely under-served. The traditional PC guys don't think there's a big market there."

Time will tell if Song is just a Kickstarter away from proving them all wrong.

The MiiPC is available to pre-order now, with units costing from $129.