Microsoft Surface PCs trialled at AT&T stores

Play with Microsoft's Surface in AT&T Stores later this month

TechRadar informed you last week that Microsoft’s much-vaunted Surface computer was launching ‘imminently’, and today it was revealed that the touch-screen machines will be set up in select retail locations in the US this month.

So if you happen to live in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio, Texas or San Francisco, you will be able to trial out the machines in your local AT&T store later this month (17 April to be exact).

Drag and drop

The Surface computers will give customers info on all the products in store. What is particularly cool is the fact that customers will be able to simply drop products on the Surface’s screen for product info to automatically appear – no more hanging around trying to attract the attention of busy sales assistants to tell you all about the new phone you are interested in.

Customers will also be able to check coverage maps and, eventually, buy accessories and add-ons such as ringtones, graphics and video content, using the Microsoft Surface’s drag-and-drop facility and touchscreen.

No Euro release yet

TechRadar contacted Microsoft in the UK today to find out when Microsoft Surface machines might be available to consumers here, and also when we could expect to see in-store trials in Europe.

Don’t hold your breath on that front, mind. After all, we’re still waiting to hear about the European release date of Zune (currently still down as ‘sometime 2009’).

For more information about AT&T's launch check out the website.

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