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Linux is greener than Windows

Is Linux greener than Windows?
Is Linux greener than Windows?

For those of us that care about the future of the planet, it’s interesting to hear the news today that Linux has been declared greener than Windows.

A Network World test claims that Linux – and notably Red Hat's Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.1 – turns out to use considerably less power than Windows Server 2008.

“Our tests point to Linux as the winner of the green flag by margins that topped out at 12 per cent. But we must note that our results are full of stipulations imposed by our test bed, and as the more truthful car advertisements might warn -- your wattage may vary,” says Network World's report.

Linux wins out

“We ran multiple power consumption tests using Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, Red Hat's Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.1 and SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 SP1 on four, popular 1U server machines, one each from Dell and IBM and two from HP,” it continues.

“The results showed that while Windows Server 2008 drew slightly less power in a few test cases when it had its maximum power saving settings turned on, it was RHEL that did the best job of keeping the power draw in check across the board.”

It’s an interesting test and sure to stimulate much debate, with eco-friendly power-saving considerations becoming increasingly important in the development and marketing of technology in general.