HP Sprout to fertilise Aussie creativity from October 5

HP Sprout

A strange hybrid of desktop PC, 3D scanner, and Star Trek-esque sci-fi sorcery, the HP Sprout is now on its way to Australia.

HP today announced that it's bringing its "3D scanning solution" Down Under from October 5, but few will be able to justify the $3,999 asking price.

Niche as it may be, the Sprout is undeniably impressive. During the announcement, HP demonstrated how its "Illuminator" -– a combination of 14.6-megapixel camera and integrated Intel RealSense 3D sensor – could be used to create a 3D map of children's toys or a 2D top-down shot of anything from a model butterfly to a tattooed arm.

Tools of the (creative genius) trade

These images can then be manipulated in any way the user cares to imagine, from adding a woodgrain finish, to transforming the 3D model into a 2D image and adding it to a magazine cover in progress.

The Sprout is one of those strange pieces of kit that's an exciting and powerful tool when it's in the right hands, yet we can't imagine what we'd actually use it for if we had one.

Perhaps we just don't fit within HP's target market of creative geniuses. Ho hum.

The Sprout will be available exclusively from Harvey Norman.