Macworld rumours: 3G iPhone and tiny MacBook

Who knows what Mr Jobs is going to spring on Apple fans this year?

Macworld 2008 kicks off in San Francisco in a few hours' time when the US west coast wakes up this morning, making it the perfect window of opportunity to spread a few rumours about what Mr Jobs is to spring on Apple fans this year.

Of the various allegedly 'leaked' details from Steve Jobs' keynote speech, the most ambitious is a 'full transcript' posted on Wikipedia. Before you snort a huge pinch of salt, just remember that few people believe this is the real deal, even if some of the speculation is close to the mark.

3G iPhone at last

So... among the claims are a 16GB 3G iPhone that will hit Japan in March on NTT DoCoMo's network, a new MacBook laptop done up in a skinny silver case, a software developer's kit for the iPhone and YouTube videos on iTunes.

As if to prove that the laptop refresh is most likely, Wired magazine today also shares with us a beautifully rendered mock-up of what it thinks the new machine will look like.

Slim-line MacBook Air

If the reality bears any similarity to this, we're looking at the 'MacBook Air' making its debut devoid of most standard ports, such as Ethernet, to keep the weight and profile as low as possible. The fact that it's essentially a wireless-only machine lends it the 'air' moniker, in case you were wondering.

To find out what really transpires, don't forget to hit up the MacFormat liveblog right here later today.

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