Apple to introduce AirPlay Direct at iPhone 5 launch event?

Apple to introduce AirPlay Direct at iPhone 5 launch event?
No Wi-Fi, no cry if Apple updates its AirPlay tech

Apple may be about to launch a new version of its AirPlay streaming solution, which would negate the need for Wi-Fi connectivity.

The rumoured AirPlay Direct technology will be announced alongside the iPhone 5 next month, according to a report from The Telegraph.

AirPlay Direct, which the Tele says is a working title rather than an official name, would allow iDevice owners to wirelessly send music to compatible speakers even with no Wi-Fi present

This new service would enable the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to form a separate network with the speakers.

Although the Telegraph doesn't mention the specific solution, one would have to assume the link-up would be Bluetooth based.


If it comes to fruition, AirPlay Direct would be ideal for listening to music in the park, taking your speakers on holiday or on those pesky occasions when Wi-Fi is hard to come by.

According to 'sources familiar with Apple's plans,' the company has not signed-off on the technology or licensed it to any manufacturers at the time of writing.

With everyone and their dog expecting the iPhone 5 to be launched on September 12, things may start moving very quickly on that front.

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