Apple is trying to make Maps app better... just one day at a time

Apple is now trying to make Maps app better... just one day at a time
Apple taking Maps fixes more seriously?

Apple is now acting swiftly upon user-generated corrections for its Maps app for iOS and OS X, according to reports on Monday.

Apple Insider brings word the firm is updating the application every day at 3am EST to incorporate suggestions from users hitting the "report a problem" portion of the application.

According to one person who's been keeping an eye on Apple's activities, updates made in the last two weeks have exceeded those posted in the last two years combined.

"Over the past month, Maps were being updated once a week (every Friday) for me, but now, that has improved even further," the Reddit user known as heyyoudvd wrote.

"Over the past few days, I've noticed an update occur every single day at 3 a.m. Eastern."


Other posters within the Reddit thread have also noted issues they've raised have been addressed swiftly by Apple.

Apple has copped a lot of flak since launching the Maps app as part of iOS 6 back in 2012. It was largely mocked upon its debut as a replacement for the established Google Maps app.

However, the software has improved significantly since then and Apple now seems intent on making improvements and corrections as soon as they're raised by users.

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