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Philips unveils LCD monitor with built-in TV

Philips - multifunctional
Philips - multifunctional

Philips has let loose a new LCD monitor, the Philips 221TE2L, which comes complete with a TV tuner.

This means, the press release assures us, that you don't have to miss the Champions League final, nor Wimbledon, nor the Apprentice, all of which you are welcome to watch on the full HD LCD LED display.

The LED technology, apparently, guarantees natural colours thanks to the 1920 x 1080p resolution and SmartContrast ratio of 20,000,000:1.


It also offers an HDMI port, as well as the DVB-T tuner which nabs digital TV signal and displays it on the 21.5-inch screen, including HD TV channels.

It's not a bad looking monitor, with simple, clean lines and a speaker under the screen; it also comes with a remote control for when you're wearing your couch potato cap on instead of your serious worker (internet surfer) bowler hat.

Philips has a heritage in making pure televisions, but recently announced that it was divesting its TV business to a Dutch company.

Hitting stores today, the Philips 221TE2L UK price is set at £209, with another model, the 191TE2, presumably a 19-inch version, set to arrive in June.