If you can't live without emojis, this is the keyboard for you

You can buy a real-life emoji keyboard
Smiley faces. Smiley faces everywhere.

Emojis are a boon to the savvy message-sender trying to save a few characters, but switching keyboard presets on a phone or copy-pasting from a desktop can be a hassle.

Thankfully, a company called EmojiWorks has developed a fully-functional Emoji Keyboard for those who believe a smiley is worth a thousand words.

The Emoji Keyboard connects via Bluetooth to a Mac, PC or iOS device, and works just like any regular ol' QWERTY keyboard. The construction is even intentionally designed to look almost identical to a wireless Mac keyboard. With a press of a function key, however, a bevy of emoji symbols become as straightforward to type as an exclamation point or question mark.

The use of an "emoji" key function is intended to reduce time and hassle inserting the symbols into text, removing the need to look up special commands or copy-pasting. You can see the Emoji Keyboard in action below:

YouTube : Witness the Emoji Keyboard in all its glory! You cannot look away!

Based in Austin, Texas, EmojiWorks is putting out three different models of its keyboard for pre-order, with the standard model granting access to 47 of the most commonly-used emojis. The Plus and Pro models are also available, increasing the emoji count to 94 and over 120, respectively, as well as added diversity selection for those who'd prefer their emoticons not be limited to just a Simpsons-esque skin tone.

EmojiWorks is aiming to have its keyboards ready to ship internationally by December of this year, with a normal board going for $89.99 (about £59/AU$126), the Plus model for $99.99 (about £65/AU$140), and the Pro fetching a tag of $109.99 (about £71/AU$154) for those who are serious about their emoji game.

Parker Wilhelm
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