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Nvidia's new Titan X has arrived – here's where to get it

Titan X 2016

Nvidia's fresh take on the Titan X is a massively powerful graphics solution – in fact, we recently called it irresponsibly overpowered – and the good news is that if you want to get in on some seriously high-end gaming, this video card is available now.

The short story of the new card's grunt is that it's claimed to be 60% faster than the previous-gen Titan X, and you can now purchase it direct from Nvidia priced at £1,099 ($1,200 over in the US – that's around AU$1,580).

The new Titan X can only be bought straight from Nvidia, but it will also be available from some PC vendors, such as Scan and PC Specialist in the UK, with the card being included in selected high-end gaming systems.

Scan 3XS and PC Specialist Titan

Those systems include several from the Scan 3XS range: the Z170 Vengeance X, X99 Carbon X, and X99 Carbon X SLI (for those who can't make do with just the one Titan X).

As for PC Specialist, it'll have three systems for sale as well: the Titan Elite, Titan Pro and Titan Ultra. Don't expect any of these machines to be remotely wallet-friendly, however.

The Titan X boasts no less than 3,584 CUDA cores running at 1.53GHz, with 12GB of GDDR5X video memory on-board, with a performance rated at 11 teraflops (compared to 6.6 teraflops for the previous Titan X).

Expect nothing less than absolutely storming performance from the card or any system built around it.