Colorful iPhone X2 leak may not be real, but we wish it was

Everyone is desperate for some news on the new iPhones of 2018, but a recent leak that showcases an iPhone donning some new colors probably isn’t trustworthy.

We know that the 2018 iPhone X will arrive in September in a variety of colors, though none of them may take on the whimsical pastel options of the iPhone 5C (as much as we wish that it would.)

Pinning down the origins of the story that the next iPhone will take on some fresh colors seems to have been taken care of by prolific leaker @OnLeaks, who disputes the legitimacy of the leak. Originally said to be an exclusive by a site, @OnLeaks has shared that these pictures actually originated in a MacRumors forum post that has since been removed.

...we want new colors though

Recent iPhone models have played it safe with run-of-the-mill colors like white, black, and on the rare occasion, red for its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. And even though this leak has more or less been proven to be false, it’s always possible that the next wave of iPhones, rumored to be called iPhone XI or iPhone X2, could introduce a new color, perhaps in a bid to distinguish the high-end model from the cheaper one.

Just recently, a leak surfaced that claimed to show off a golden iPhone X that never went into production, or at least hasn’t yet. It’s always possible that Apple could surprise us with it soon, but for now, it looks like these leaked purple and green models may not ever come to be.

Cameron Faulkner

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