A clan system could be coming to PUBG on PC

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
(Image credit: PUBG Corporation,)

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has only just rolled out its latest update but future-focused dataminers may have already discovered what could be next in the PC version of the Battle Royale game: clans.

The source of the information is well-known dataminer PlayerIGN (via The Loadout), who is active in the PUBG community and has been accurate with previous leaks.

Based on information found in a number of files, PlayerIGN has reported on Twitter that it’ll be possible to have up to 20 players in a clan, with clan names running between 2 and 15 characters and shorter tags running between 2 and 4 characters. Clans won’t be free, though—there appears to be a fee of 5000 BP attached, which is likely to be a set up cost. 

The files also indicate some kind of “résumés” and “recruits” element to the system, which could mean players will have to submit their gameplay stats to an existing clan in order to prove themselves worthy to join, though precisely how this element will work isn’t entirely clear at the moment.

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As a result of finding a “no clan” label in the game’s Leaderboard, PlayerIGN has suggested that the clan system could be a part of the game’s new ranked mode. 

Given clans were introduced to the mobile version of the game more than a year ago, it’s not a huge leap to imagine them working in the the PC and console versions. When (and if) they might be introduced, however, remains unknown. It may be worth drawing up a shortlist of names, slogans and members now in preparation. 

Emma Boyle

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