Chevy and Shell want you to pay for gas using your infotainment system

Owners of new Chevy cars just got a new way to pay for gas at the pump using their  infotainment system... if it has access to GM's digital Marketplace

The new system will work for 2017 models and newer, as Engadget reports, but it's debatable how handy drivers will actually find this feature.

Drivers just need to take their cars to select Shell stations, then select the Shell icon in the infotainment system's Marketplace, and confirm their station location. 

They'll then receive a code that is used to activate the pump. The card on file with Marketplace is charged, and drivers can accrue any Shell rewards linked to the account. 

This might be the first instance of paying for gas with a car's infotainment system in the US, but Shell and Jaguar teamed up in the UK to make the same thing happen last year. 

Owners of a Jaguar F-Pace, F-Type, XF, XE or certain Land Rover models could get gas from Shell stations using the infotainment system and pay through a linked Apple Pay or PayPal account.

If this sounds a bit more convoluted than just paying with your card, you're not the only one who thinks so. But, it is another step forward for mobile payment systems. GM's marketplace also allows drivers to make purchases and reservations with partner organizations. And, for those who chronically forget their wallet, this feature could be handy.

Handy as this may be for people who tend to leave their wallets at home more often than not, there are more exciting car tech developments on the horizon, such as Cadillac's autonomous Super Cruise mode.

Mark Knapp

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