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This cheap Nextbit Robin Amazon deal gives you 'unlimited' phone storage for $117

Nextbit Robin is on sale today in a very temporary Amazon Deal of the Day, and it's one you may want to think about if you're intrigued by its 'unlimited storage.'

This Android phone costs $117 today only through Amazon,  yet it launched at $364.39, according to the original list price. That's a huge savings in a little over one year of it being in consumers' hands.

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Other stores have given the Nextbit Robin a price drop too, however, we've seen retailers like Best Buy drop it down to around $170, not Amazon's $117.

All about the cloud with this cheap Nextbit Robin deal

All about the cloud with this cheap Nextbit Robin deal

Why buy the Nexbit Robin?

The Nexbit Robin touts unlimited cloud storage, well beyond its 32GB of internal space. Everything can be seamlessly stored on the cloud, including your apps.

It comes with 100GB of free cloud storage, and Nextbit marketed this as endless since you can always upgrade your remotely-located phone storage for a price.

Owning Nextbit's first phone on the cheap may be most appealing to collectors. It's also likely their last, as the start-up company was bought by Razer in January.

This phone may serve as the foundation to a potential Razer phone that we're eagerly awaiting. We haven't seen it at E3 2017, but we're keeping our eyes peeled at Razer events throughout the year.